Leak Detection

Slab Leak Detection Services in Bakersfield by Plumbers You Can Trust

A slab leak occurs when the pipes running under and through the concrete foundation of a home are compromised and begin leaking water under the slab itself.  This type of leak can cause the foundation to crack or heave and wet spots (with the presence of mold) can occur on the slab or even rise up through the carpet.  Slab leaks are very serious and should be addressed immediately.

Some of the possible causes of a slab leak are hard water (that can corrode the pipes), shifting foundations or shoddy workmanship when the plumbing was initially installed.


Don’t allow a less experienced company to start breaking up your foundation to find a leak.

One of the most important considerations for a Bakersfield area homeowner with a suspected slab leak is to call a company like Mazza Plumbing that can detect the exact location of the leak before starting to jack up a floor.  Often, our skill and experience with locating leaks can result in smaller penetration and less removal of the slab.

When it comes to line repair, you need a permanent solution instead of a quick fix

You can trust Mazza Plumbing  to get it fixed quickly and efficiently with one of the best warranties in the business.