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Most people assume the pipes in their home will last forever, like they are a permanent part of the architecture. However, like any other component in your home – such as the air conditioner, heating system or any major appliance – your pipes wear down with age and eventually may require replacement.

Pipe Replacement from Mazza Plumbing

The first step is to recognize when you need pipe replacement in Bakersfield. There are a number of clear signs that your home is ready for new pipes. First, if you still have the old cast iron, or galvanized steel pipes that were used in the early half of the 20th century, it is likely that they are due for replacement. Not only do iron pipes rust and wear down much faster than newer copper pipes and PVC drain pipes, but metal inside of them can flake off in your water.

Even if your galvanized steel or cast iron pipes are not actively causing a problem with your drinking and washing water, they can become an issue as they age.

Another problem with aging pipes is that they can build up layers of minerals and debris inside that slows water flow and results in low water pressure. This is an inconvenience at first, but with time, the build–up can put unnecessary stress on the pipes which can lead to cracks and eventual leaks. There are some things that can be done for pipes like this, including high pressure jetting, but eventually, they simply need to be replaced.

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