Trenchless Sewer Repair

Accurate Leak and Line specializes in no-dig pipe repair and trenchless sewer linings as an alternative to sewer drain replacement.  We reline pipe systems from within the pipe, eliminating extensive and costly destruction and excavation of your home or business.

Trenchless Sewer Line Repair Process

After a thorough diagnosis of an underground sewer system through such tests as a hydrostatic pressure test and video camera inspection, a custom-built plan is formulated to fit your repair needs using trenchless sewer repair to minimize digging and added expense.

Drain liners are then made up onsite to the appropriate length and diameter of the pipe to be relined. We saturate a felt sleeve with a two-part liquid epoxy resin solution that will have the same characteristics and qualities as new PVC once cured.  An inflated bladder that runs through the length of the liner holds the epoxy soaked sleeve to the inner walls of the pipe while it coats and fills any leaks, creating a structural bond to the host pipe. The ⅛-¼ “ drain liner is cured and the inflatable bladder is removed, leaving a solid structural barrier between your wastewater and the soil beneath your home or building.  

Is Trenchless Sewer Line Repair Right For Your Property?

All of our clients make the final decision on whether they want non-invasive sewer line repair or more traditional methods during consultation. But we’ve have found that trenchless drain line repair has been the popular lower cost option for our clients. Spot repairing aging sewer systems with traditional methods only to find a new leak soon after is often inefficient and more costly. Up to 60 percent of direct pipe repair costs go to the reconstruction of the property after the sewer line repair is complete.

When it comes to line repair, you need a permanent solution instead of a quick fix.

You can trust Mazza Plumbing  to get it fixed quickly and efficiently with one of the best warranties in the business.